Why use Qparts2u?

Malaysian Car owners are now demanding quality and trust when purchasing parts of their cars. This is where Qparts2u comes in.

Qparts2u brings awareness to Malaysian consumers to help fight market illegalities:

Steps for the consumer to follow:

#1 Check your Vendor

The first step to ensuring that you buy only genuine parts and ensure not only your safety, also that you save money in the long term and to ensure that your vendor is legitimate

#2 Packaging is Key

It’s probably a good idea to do some research about your products before buying them, to find out if the products are legitimate – it is usually a good idea to check the labels. Smart labels with holograms, computer generated security measures like Smart Labels and other measures such as addresses or contact details printed can help point out original products.

#3 Verifying the Product a must

Auto part companies will often have exact specifications regarding size and weight on their website, and you can always compare these specifications with your product. Look for identifications of industrial mandated or legalistically regulated standards requirements and verifying their authenticity.

Qparts2u is about solutions!

Consumer Problem #1

Consumers waste valuable time and lack independent source to search for safe quality parts that not only serve their needs but also offer a fair price.

Our Solution

Qparts2u will allow consumers to be in control by providing them a platform supported by trusted suppliers of safe quality parts that are processed with standard industrial practices

Consumer Problem #2

Consumers unable to identify whether they are buying the quality OEM and/or Aftermarket Parts that commensurate with their prices Car owners also could be the victim of substandard or fake products such as engine lubricants, engine oil filter, and brake components.

Our Solution

The supporting suppliers in Qparts2u are qualified service providers subscribing to proper parts and safe repairs practices, where their services will be supported by warranties. All parts supplied through Qparts2u will be safe & quality parts with industry endorsed or regulatory compliance standards

Consumer Problem #3

Parts cannibalisation - where cars are stolen and broken down to spare parts level to service other cars (probably older cars). Malaysia is said to be ranked as one of the top 10 countries in the world with the highest number of vehicle thefts. An average of 60 vehicles get stolen everyday from all over the country. The total number of stolen vehicles for all classes in the first half of 2016 was 11,796 vehicles compared with 12,412 for the same period in 2015. Supply of secondhand parts for such repairs is very lucrative business - the insurance claims for parts in 2012 were in the region of RM5.4billion; while payout for total loss cars in 2013 was RM762million - an increase of 27% from 2012.

Our Solution

All suppliers in Qparts2u subscribe to a set of industry Code of Ethics which self-regulates, and promotes trust and integrity, where only safe & quality and rightfully sourced acquired parts are offered. At heart, our initiative is all about powering consumers – we believe that the fight can be won only through consumeragainst illegalities awareness and enforcement through self verification powered by a uniquely Qparts2u labelling & verifying system. Qparts2u will assist to minimise the menace of vehicle thefts which is imposing costs & losses to the motoring consumers & the motor insurance industry.

What Qparts2u offer you:

Motoring consumers will have all the available safe & quality parts with standards and certifications in one tool, including online stock availability, prices and product details with images.

Finding and buying the parts they need with . peace of mind