Who sells on Qparts2u

Qparts2u merchants are professional automotive recyclers who operate and maintain salvage yards across the Malaysia. Every merchant will be internally reviewed by our qualityassurance team in consultation with Industry Stakeholders to ensure industry best practices in compliance with the MAI's NAP 2014 “4R2S” Quality Management Standards

All Qparts2u merchants:

Qparts2u merchants are industry-leading professional automotive recyclers belonging to a peer managed association.

Qparts2u promotes safety, security and quality.

To ensure safe quality used or re-manufactured parts, all QP2U parts are dismantled and recycled or re-manufactured at source in accordance with industry driven environmental friendly standard operating practices (SOPs) which are jointly developed and approved by the Industry Stakeholders (through AutoAdvocate), in compliance with the relevant Industry / Governmental Bodies' requirements.

The MAI NAP 2014 4R2S Quality Management System will be a core compliance requirement.

All these dismantled and recycled or re-manufactured parts are tagged / labelled and registered that will enable the Qparts2u system to record at source, trace and monitor where these parts originate from and where they are sold to. Powered by a unique “label & verify' system, Qparts2u will enable 'check & verification' by the Consumers.

All QP2U recycled or re-manufactured parts will be sold with a parts warranty.

Qparts2u will provide safe, economical and environmentally responsible collision repair products.

Insurance companies in other global markets are promoting the use of more recycled parts. Besides being “OEM” in nature, insurance companies understand the value that recycled parts provide safe, economical and environmentally responsible collision repair products. Cost saving is clearly one reason, while other reasons include avoiding a vehicle becoming a premature ELV through “total loss”, where for example, the cost of new parts only, would be an uneconomic proposition for repairs, creating BERs. Besides this will provide a transparent solution to the “Betterment Charge” practice currently adopted for the claim settlement of collision damaged vehicles which are 5 years and older. Adopting the use of quality used parts through Qparts2u that are processed with a “Label & Verify” program, and come with a warranty, there will be lesser demand for used parts from the ‘grey market’ The tagging and registering of the used parts at source, together with the tracing and monitoring features of the Qparts2u system, will not only ensure safe & quality parts but also deter the use of stolen vehicle parts from the grey market.

Qparts2u link the used parts trading communities

Qparts2u will serve as a network/portal linking Malaysian used parts dealers; ELV dismantlers; used parts importers/dealers; parts re-manufacturers with the Malaysian automotive after-sales industry.

Qparts2u share the information through the online network and facilitate e-commerce.

Qparts2u will manage all processes such as quotation, purchase of vehicle, product, stock control, sales operation through the Qparts2u Yard Management System which is developed by Malaysians.