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Guide to buying a used part

Qparts2u makes it simple to search, compare and purchase the quality used parts you need for your vehicle but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly which part to get, or understand the grading system for each part listed available for sale.

To help guide you we have put together some commonly asked questions about buying used parts, and answers that can help you get what you need, fast.

How do I know if this part will fit my vehicle?

The Qparts2u portal is designed to walk you through the steps necessary for identifying the parts that fit your vehicle. First by starting with the year/make/model, then by selecting the specifications of the vehicle you're searching for. As long as you select the correct configurations for your vehicle, the parts listed on the search page should work for you.

But if you still have questions or are unsure, we recommend you consult with your owner's manual or a professional automotive mechanic to ensure you're getting the right part at the right fit. Qparts2u is not a professional automotive expert or mechanic, so it is not responsible for parts Q purchased incorrectly. We encourage all of our customers to confirm their vehicle details and needs with a professional prior to making any purchases, to save themselves time and headaches.

How do I know the color of the part will match my vehicle?

Automobile paint will fade over time depending on many factors such as the climate, humidity and amount of sun exposure during it's life. So while you may find a part listed for sale that has your same paint code or color, the particular shade is not guaranteed to match.

For these reasons it is recommended that all body and other parts be repainted by a professional once they are received to ensure a perfect match to the rest of the paint on your vehicle. If a body color or paint code is available on the inventory item we will include it in the listing, otherwise please consider having the parts painted to match your vehicle.

How are parts graded from “Like New” to “Good?”

Qparts2u assigns each part a grade based on it's condition, mileage, description, and any damage to the part. Our grading system is a clear, easy to understand, -style, condition rating that includes: “Like New,” “Very Good,” or “Good.”

Learn more about those standards and the quality of our trusted Sellers here: Who Sells on Qparts2u?

How to buy from Qparts2u?

Buying parts on Qparts2u is very simple and the good news is it only takes minutes to get started. We only sell inventory from top quality suppliers of used auto parts who have reputations for great customer service.